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There are lots of ways to try to answer this question, but here is a great smell test.

Look around you and consider to what extent people feel comfortable taking initiative and making decisions in your organization.  Think about yourself, as well.

If it’s more common, more acceptable, and/or safer to not make decisions and rather do what you’re told, you’re in an innovation-killing organization.  Get out. Fast.


It turns out that even medical doctors are subject to the whims of irrationality and the phenomena of behavioral economics.

This would come as no surprise to Nassim Taleb (whose next book I fear will not be very kind to the medical profession –, but is likely to be a bit disturbing to the rest of us who tend to be guilty of assigning god-like status to our physicians.

If you ever wondered whether pharma companies are effective at influencing the behavior of doctors, please read the linked article below.

The Ethical Taint of Post-It Notes — and the Power of a Company Policy « Lead Good


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