Apple iBooks on iPad
(Credit: Apple)

Now that the dawn of the iPad is upon us, the inevitable comparisons between Apple’s wundertablet and the Kindle–and what it all means for Amazon–have begun in earnest.

For example, in its write-up of the iPad launch, The New York Times said that Apple’s new deals with five major publishers basically amounted to a declaration of war. “The announcement puts Apple on a collision course with Amazon,” the Times said. And Steve Jobs, while praising Amazon for pioneering the e-book category, told the world that, “we are going to stand on their shoulders and go a little bit farther.”

That may very well be true, especially when it comes to stuff like comic books, graphic novels, textbooks, and interactive children’s stories, but the war we’re looking at isn’t the war we’re used to seeing in the consumer electronics world, where one piece of gear simply is superior, sexier–and better-priced–than another.

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After a long day (or month, for that matter) of hyperbole, finally an iPad review that is well-reasoned and in touch with reality.

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