@Justin_Bacon shared this fantastic blurb from Seth Godin on social networking yesterday. 

Seth comments:

“The internet this giant cocktail party with all these people swarming around connecting because they’re keeping score[…] Networking is always important when it’s real and it’s always a useless distraction when it’s fake. What the internet has allowed is an enormous amount of fake networking to take place[…] What matters is, Where are the real relationships?”

It sounds a bit reactionary, but he makes a great point, and one that I tried to convey in a short talk that I recently gave to a class at a local business school. While Godin is cautioning people against seeing online social networking as a cure-all, I was nudging an audience of relative non-users to get online as a way to complement their offline networking strategies. Our goals are different, but messages are very similar.

Here are a couple of the images I used to make my point. Hope you’ll find them interesting/useful.

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