That’s is the conclusion of a very long essay on startups by Paul Graham, and it’s an insightful quote.

The reason you feel most comfortable with a job (unless, like me, you’re in the minority–a job would destroy my psyche) is that you’ve been brainwashed by many years of school, socialization and practice. I pick the word brainwashed carefully, because it’s more than training or acclimation. It’s something that’s been taught to you by people who needed you to believe it was the way things are supposed to be.

This is exactly the conclusion I came to over the summer after having the opportunity to collaborate with a host of young social entrepreneurs and seeing colleagues struggle with getting laid off.

I realized that we are raised to think that work is something that is provided to us by a benevolent corporate body. But that view denies the humanity of the reality that a livelihood is something that people for millenia have created for themselves.

Check out the documentary Lemonade for great testimony to this idea.

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