Personal revelations don’t always translate, because they are seldom deep insights. Rather, they are simple insights experienced in deep and lasting ways. These are my three for the week. Hopefully they’ll resonate.
  1. Ideas don’t become reality because they are better, more carefully thought through, or more compelling (though these things might help). Ultimately, they come into being through sheer work and perseverance. It’s about putting one foot in front of the other, day in and day out. 
  2. Don’t create big hairy goals with milestones charted out to guide the way. Set important but smaller goals with the understanding that they’ll add up to something big.
  3. Remove the word “immaterial” from your vocabulary. Every world-changing idea was immaterial to someone at some point.  If people tell you that your idea is immaterial, take it as a compliment. Then find new people.

Posted via email from Human Ventures