Source: McKinsey Quarterly

ht: @urbanverse

A nice graphic here from the McKinsey Quarterly showing results of a survey of corporate executives done in both October and December last year. The summary shows that trust in the future of the economy seems to improving. Good news, since trust usually creates a virtuous economic circle.

The Conference Board and others who measure economic indicators usually call this something like “consumer confidence.” I have no issue with that terminology, but isn’t confidence just trust manifested? Perhaps as in “trust that” (a more abstract form of trust) rather than “trust in” (usually concrete and directed at someone), but trust nonetheless. And since there is such a large body of academic literature on trust and its impact on our lives, terms here seems rather important.

(For more on “trust that” vs. “trust in” see Erin Ann O’Hara’s chapter on “Trustworthiness and Contract” in Paul Zak’s “Moral Markets”.)

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