Thinking through what makes a business “social,” I started putting together the following “stats” for one company that you may or may not be aware of.  As I compiled the bullets below, I was blown away by the success of this company in both providing a social good and generating strong financial returns.

X Company has:

  • Mission to serve customers who have not traditionally been beneficiaries of the innovations and successes of the broader economic system
  • Obsession with providing the greatest value to customers at price points they can afford
  • Meritocratic work environment that puts results and work ethic ahead of shining academic credentials and other factors that are more susceptible to “privilege.”  (The organization has consistently rewarded highly capable and hard-working individuals regardless of their level of formal education.  Much of the company’s leadership is made up of these individuals.)
  • Works feverishly, both internally and externally, with industry groups and suppliers,  to make improvements in “green-ness” of both internal operations and its supply chain
  • Has achieved amazing financial returns and successfully grown and scaled without sacrificing commitment to its original mission (see first bullet); puts some of those profits back into the communities it serves through philanthropic structures

So what is the company, you ask?

I’ll post the answer tomorrow (Friday).   In the meantime, place your bets in the comments below!