As follow-up on my last post, I wanted to share part of Tori Hogan‘s “Beyond Good Intentions” series.

Tori is former aid-worker, filmmaker, and blogger with SocialEdge.

Episode seven of Tori’s series explores for-profit approaches to development in Madagascar with the company BushProof.

In addition to the ingenuity of the founders and employees of BushProof, what’s striking about the video is the fact thatĀ Adriann Mol, Founder and Director of BushProof, is not ashamed of the fact that he is running a bona fide for-proft business, albeit one with a very explicit social mission that guides its management principles.

To paraphrase Adriann:

“…You enter into an economic system that gives full sustainability… So it saves these people significant money… it gives us income so we can run the company and grow bigger, sell more of them – it’s a win-win.”